2017 Personal Tax Return Preparation

We attach a checklist (2017 Personal Tax Return Checklist) of items to assist you in accumulating information for the preparation of your 2017 personal income tax return. Personal income tax is due to be paid by April 30, 2018. The income tax return is also required to be filed by April 30 unless you are self-employed, in which case the filing deadline is June 15.

We are now required to report the sale of a principal residence in the year. Please let us know if you have sold your home or your cottage during the year.

We strive to provide efficient and quality service to our clients. We would appreciate receiving your information as early as possible in the month of March. We understand that some tax information slips may not be available until April. However if you have received most of your information, please forward the information received to us and we will begin preparing the tax return. We will finalize the preparation of the return when we have received the balance of your information. We cannot guarantee meeting the April 30th tax deadline if we receive your information after April 10.

As in the prior year, we will require your signed authorization before we can electronically file your tax return. We will send this form to you by e-mail when your return is complete. Please ensure that your e-mail address is entered on the attached checklist. If you do not have an e-mail address, then you can sign the authorization form when you pick up your copy of the tax return. In this case, the return should be picked up prior to April 28, as the return cannot be e-filed without the signed authorization form.

In an effort to reduce the amount of paper our office is generating, we will provide you with an electronic copy of your personal tax return in a PDF format. The return will be sent by e-mail and will be password protected with your SIN number. We can provide you with a paper copy of your return for a charge of $25. Please contact Candace Vieira at 902-377-3301 (direct line) if you would like a paper copy of your return.

Thank you for your assistance in managing the flow of work during this busy time of the year. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sutherland Watt CPAs Inc.

Ann Sutherland, CPA, CA, CFP

Robyn Watt-Dixon, CPA, CA, CFP